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Kelly’s Garage.

DPF or EGR Problems ? Viezu Technologies Ireland, Economy

Kelly’s Garage have now partnered with Viezu Technologies Ireland 


Kelly’s Garage are dedicated to serving Irish customers who want the best quality for their vehicle.  We support Irish fleet operators and private motorists. Our professional team are on hand to advise you on your vehicle needs.

Viezu Technologies Ireland 

We tune all types of vehicles, cars, vans jeeps, vans.

Viezu Technologies Ireland ECU Remapping, DPF  & EGR Solutions, Remap, chip tuning and Tuning Cars

Viezu Technologies Ireland are industry leaders for many reasons, and have won numerous awards already in the automotive industry and enterprise. The Viezu Group tune over 5000 vehicles every month.

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Viezu Technologies Ireland Ltd.

Kelly’s Garage offers the very best vehicle ECU Remapping, DPF 

& EGR Solutions, Remap, chip tuning and Tuning Cars service

available anywhere in Ireland.


The team at Kelly’s Garage, rewrite the software on your engine’s ECU (engine control unit) to transform your car and optimize its performance. 

Viezu Technologies Ireland, DPF or EGR Problems ? 

Modifying the ECU software also know as ECU tuning allows our team to safely improve power and torque. Therefore improving drive-ability, enhancing fuel economy to both diesel and petrol engines. Our team’s experience enables our ECU modifications to produce real results. At Kelly’s Garage, we customize our modifications to your car’s specification-giving more power, or maximize fuel economy. DPF or EGR Problems ? We also provide tailor made DPF and EGR solutions.


We can unleash the power of your engine at an affordable price!


Remapping a BMW 520d, Kelly's Garage
BMW 520d in for a Performance Upgrade


ECU Remapping, Remapping Ireland

We provide an unbeatable engine remapping service to increase power to under-powered engines and better fuel economy to reduce fuel costs.


Why is our ECU remapping service better than the others? simply because every customer receives a customised modification.


ECU remapping is the term used to describe the process of modifying the ECU (Engine Control Unit) software. All modern vehicles are fitted with an ECU. Using our engine tuning service we will give you increased performance and greater fuel economy. Here at Kelly’s Garage we can tailor our remapping service to either optimise your engine performance or fuel economy.

We are dedicated to delivering the best in Performance Remapping. For a QuoteContact Us


Mitsubishi L200 Performance Remap
Mitsubishi L200 undergoing tuning at Kelly’s Garage


Economy Tuning

By modifying your vehicle ECU you can help reduce your fuel costs by up to 20%.
An Economy Tune remapping service is available for non-turbo petrol, non-turbo diesel, turbo petrol, turbo diesel engine models.

Our fuel economy remap software and car fuel saving tuning is completely unique to Kelly’s Garage. For a QuoteContact Us


VW Caddy Van Remap
VW Caddy Van at Kelly’s Garage Performance Upgrade



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Contact: Ciaran or Catherine on 087-7907168 / 087-6924819 or 087-2852960 Alternatively complete the form below! For directions see below: Kelly's Garage To request a quote please complete the form below – Thanks!


DPF problems are issues where your car suddenly become sluggish, suffering loss of power. DPF/EGR Problems the quickest way to resolve these issues is to call us immediately. DPF Issues Call Kellys Garage.


        . now Vehicle Diagnostics If the engine light on your dashboard has come on it means that the vehicle’s own on-board computer has found a critical fault in the electronic management system(ECU). This will require urgent attention to find out what the car diagnostics ECU has found and what to do […]


      Kelly’s Garage established by Ciaran Kelly providing CAR SERVICING and garage services has been trading as a family business just off the N52 Tullamore Birr road for last 20 years.  As a leading technician with a proven track record with all makes of cars, Ciaran Kelly has earned an enviable reputation for […]


      Kelly’s  Garage PRE NCT SERVICE                                            Do you need your car brought to the NCT centre? is your car tax and insurance out of date? Kelly’s Garage will transport your car to the NCT centre and return your car home – contact Kelly’s Garage!    WHY CHOOSE KELLY’S GARAGE PRE NCT […]


      Car Tuning CHIP TUNING. Economy Remap and Performance Remapping – Release the true performance and hidden power from your engine. Engine tuning or Car Tuning is an adjustment, modification of the internal combustion engine, or modification to its control unit, otherwise known as its ECU (Engine Control Unit). It is adjusted to […]


Rouge Tuners

Cowboy engine re-mappers (Rogue Tuners) wreck vehicles and cost owners in repair bills by using fake cloned tuning tools. Cloned tuning tools are becoming more and more accessible. These tuning tools are very cheap but cause very expensive issues for vehicle owners. Many rouge tuners see it as a quick way to make a quick […]

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ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping/DPF/EGR Solutions/Remapping Ireland Performance Remapping – Release the true performance and hidden power from your engine. Increase PHP and Fuel Economy Driving to Dublin for work? Fleet of vans on the road? Want to save fuel? Saving money? Save fuel and money, increasing power and drivability with Kelly’s Garage products and services, available for […]

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Performance Remapping

Modern car and van engines have an electronic management system. This system controls the parameters of the engine. The ECU (Engine Control Unit) the brain of the engine runs this system. When you put your foot down, the ECU decides how much fuel and air to mix, input into the cylinder and ignite. The ECU […]

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