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Mazda Specialist, ECU Remapping

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Kelly's Garage Mazda Specialist provide full garage services, ECU Remapping/Cloning, DPF/EGR Solutions, servicing and repairs


Kelly's Garage your number one stop for all your servicing and repair needs

Performance Tuning

Release the true performance and hidden power from your engine, improving performance fuel economy and reducing emissions

DPF/EGR Solutions

Have you an engine management light on the dashboard? Has the vehicle lost power and gone into limp mode? Contact Kelly's Garage.

Technology from tomorrow

Outstanding Features FeaturesFeatures

Using the latest Technology to improve performance, fuel economy and reduce emissions

Fleet Services

At Kelly's Garage our BlueOptimize Solution provides fuel savings and lower emissions for Fleet Operators

ECU Remapping

Release the true performance and hidden power from your engine improving economy and reducing emissions.

DPF/EGR Solutions

We provide a cost effective solution for blocked DPF and EGR valves.

Advanced Dealer Diagnostics

We use the latest Technology in diagnostics to solve costly engine management faults


We provide a comprehensive auto-electrical service - from alternators and starter motors to complex ECU problems.

Vehicle Recovery Service

We provide aa cost effective Vehicle Recovery Service.

We work in partnership with all the major technology solutions

We have partnered with Alientech and AUTOTUNER automotive tool the world leader in engine tuning tools.

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