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Rogue Tuners, loned ECU Programming Tools

Rouge Tuners

Cowboy engine re-mappers (Rogue Tuners) wreck vehicles and cost owners in repair bills by using fake cloned tuning tools. Cloned tuning tools are becoming more and more accessible. These tuning tools are very cheap but cause very expensive issues for vehicle owners. Many rouge tuners see it as a quick way to make a quick […]

ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping/DPF/EGR Solutions/Remapping Ireland Performance Remapping – Release the true performance and hidden power from your engine. Increase PHP and Fuel Economy Driving to Dublin for work? Fleet of vans on the road? Want to save fuel? Saving money? Save fuel and money, increasing power and drivability with Kelly’s Garage products and services, available for […]

ECU Remapping

Performance Remapping

Modern car and van engines have an electronic management system. This system controls the parameters of the engine. The ECU (Engine Control Unit) the brain of the engine runs this system. When you put your foot down, the ECU decides how much fuel and air to mix, input into the cylinder and ignite. The ECU […]