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Kelly’s Garage Service Centre: Your Trusted Motor Industry Partner

Kelly’s Garage Service Centre, a family-owned business with extensive motor industry experience, specializes in remapping and tuning vehicles. As the go-to destination for ECU remapping services, we unlock your engine’s true potential, enhancing performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions. Our commitment extends to fleet operators, offering fuel savings and reduced emissions.

Comprehensive Services for Motorists:

  1. 24hr Recovery: We retrieve vehicles from anywhere in Ireland, delivering them directly to you.

  2. NCT Preparation

  3. Auto-Electrics

  4. Engine Diagnostics

  5. ECO Performance Re-Mapping: Unleash hidden power and optimize performance.

Our improvements not only save fuel but also enhance power and drivability. Kelly’s Garage caters to most production cars, 4x4s, jeeps, and vans, providing up to 20% fuel cost savings.

DPF Cleaning or Removal: Low-mileage stop-start driving can lead to DPF blockages. Ignoring this issue risks costly engine damage.

What is a DPF? A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) captures small soot particles in the exhaust system, preventing their release into the atmosphere. Regular cleaning, typically done through automatic regeneration, is essential. Most diesel cars have DPFs, which require high temperatures for effective regeneration—something hindered by low-mileage stop-start driving1.

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