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DPF Solutions/DPF Removal/EGR Cleaning/EGR Removal

Chip Tuning DPF Cleaning DPF Removal and EGR Removal

DPF Problems? Have you an Engine Management light on your dashboard?

Has the car lost power and gone into limp mode?


What is a DPF?

A DPF is a filter in line with the exhaust system that prevents small soot particles being released into the atmosphere.

Like all filter, it needs emptying periodically and generally speaking this happens automatically by burning up the particles in a process known as regeneration.

Diesel Particulate Filters are fitted to most diesel cars and because they need high temperatures to regenerate.

Low mileage stop-start motoring can cause them to become blocked. If this happens and is ignored expensive engine damage can occur.

What is an EGR Valve?

An exhaust gas recirculation valve, usually known as an EGR valve, is part of your car's exhaust system. It exists to help reduce the pollutants that your car puts out in the exhaust. This is part of the systems that help reduce greenhouse gases and toxins in the air that contribute to things like smog. It’s all part of the push to keep cars as environmentally friendly as possible.

Remapping a BMW 520d, car servicing

Why choose Kelly’s Garage?

Kelly’s Garage offers a range of DPF Solutions ECU Remaps, DPF removal and EGR removal for all makes of vehicles, both private and commercial fleet. The advantages of an  ECU remap include:

  • Fuel Saving up to 20%         
  • An Increase in Power
  • An Increase in Torque 

We are an established Garage in the Midlands specialising in tuning & vehicle maintenance for the over 20 years.

Our ECU modifications for DPF removal, power or economy are the best in the business.

We offer a Diesel Particulate Filter solution to all our customers when DPF cleaning no longer works. This package includes an ECU remap, and we also remove the DPF filter from your vehicle. This restores your lost power and improves economy.

What is regeneration?

ECU Remapping and Economy Tuning

Passive Regeneration

When you drive for a long time at high speeds, the exhaust reaches very high temperatures. Driving at a high speed for a while will heat the exhaust enough to burn off the soot particles which have been trapped by the DPF. But most drivers to not drive at high speeds often enough or for long enough to rely on this passive regeneration to clear the DPF of soot particles.

Active Regeneration

Since many drivers do not use their cars to drive long distances on a regular basis. Manufacturers had to come up with a different way to clear the DPF of particles. They came up with a system in which active regeneration is activated when the amount of soot gathered in the DPF reaches a certain level. In most cars, this level is set at 45% of the DPF’s total capacity. When the soot gathered reaches this amount, it triggers the process of post combustion fuel injection which increases the temperature of the exhaust. This way, even if the car is not travelling at high speed, the exhaust becomes hot enough to burn off all of the soot which has collected in the DPF.

Car Performance Tuning

Active Regeneration Initiated

If the active regeneration process is initiated, but you reach your destination before it has had time to burn off all of the soot, there is a possibility that the DPF warning light will appear on your dashboard. You should be able to clear this partial blockage simply by driving your car faster than 40 mph for roughly a quarter of an hour or so

Kelly's Garage Diagnostics

Engine Management Light

Be careful if the warning lights come on your dash, as continued use can cause further damage to your engine. Components such as your turbo or catalytic converter may be damaged. Also if a vehicle is trying to regenerate too often, you will find the oil level can in fact rise to a dangerous level. This is due to fuel getting into the oil, and where this happens it can cause serious damage to your engine.

Blocked DPF

How we remove your diesel particulate filter.

Step 1.
We do a complete diagnostics test on your car to verify any faults and problems you are having with your vehicle.

Step 2.
We reset your ECU clearing all the faults.

Step 3.
We take a copy of all the information from your vehicles ECU.

Step 4.
We remove the DPF filter from your car and cut a small opening and remove the internal filter. We then weld it back together and replace the unblocked filter to your car.

Step 5.
We then program the new data on to your vehicles ECU.

Step 6.
We test drive your car to ensure everything is working as it should.

Step 7.
Finally, we will do a last diagnostic test to make sure everything is correct and that there are no pending faults.

We charge €300 for this service at our garage in Offaly.




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