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Mitsubishi L200 Performance Remap

Kelly’s Garage Auto-Electrical Repair

At Kelly’s Garage Auto-Electrical Repair , our car electrics team are highly skilled and are experts in the auto-electrical repair business, our full range of services are related to all electronic and electrical components of your car, for example, alternators, starter motors, electric windows, ABS system repairs.

We use the latest electronic fault finding equipment which enables us to diagnose the problem quickly ensuring you are back on the road as quickly as possible.

What is a Starter Motor

A starter motor is simply an electric motor that turns your engine on when you switch the ignition. To do this, the starter motor requires a lot of torque to turn the engine at such fast speeds.

What is an Alternator

A faulty car alternator can cause difficulties, ranging from slow engine start,
dim or flickering headlights, all the way to complete loss of power due or a dead battery. 
In general, alternator repair costs are low, and there are options of repairing, or getting a new or refurbished alternator.


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