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Car Performance Tuning Performance Chip Tuning Economy Remap, ECU Remapping Ireland.

Performance Chip Tuning – Release the true performance and hidden power from your engine.

Car Performance Tuning

Car Performance tuning,  and Car Tuning is an adjustment and modification of the internal combustion engine, or modification to its control unit, otherwise known as its ECU (Engine Control Unit). It is adjusted to yield optimal performance and to increase an engine’s power output, economy, and durability. These goals may be mutually exclusive. An engine may be detuned with respect to output in exchange for fuel economy and longer engine life. We are a leading Irish experts in engine tuning.

Economy Remap – excessive fuel costs? Our Economy Remapping service will increase power and torque  increasing power within the low-to-mid rev will ensure that less gear changes are required. With fewer gear changes, your vehicle requires less fuel with substantial fuel cost savings.

ECU Remapping Ireland, Kelly’s Garage services are provided country wide.

During COCID lock down, we can collect your car and return it when the work is completed.

Give us a call for further information on our Car Performance Tuning service.

Performance Chip Tuning


Car Performance Tuning release the true performance and hidden power from your engine

Economy Remap - BMW 520d Performance Remap performance economy emissions Upgrade
Performance remapping – BMW 520d

The gains that Kelly’s Garage can achieve with a turbo charged car are considerable.  The ECU controls the turbo. At Kelly’s Garage, we can modify the ECU software to maximize the boost efficiency throughout the whole rev range and enhance the power delivery.

The considerable increase in torque & power gives the engine more gear flexibility & also reduces any need to shift-down, when overtaking.

Our technology can modify the ECU on virtually any car. We can help improve your engine power and transform your vehicle’s drive ability. 

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  1. Hey there. We have vw Sharan 2013 2.0tdi 140hp.bwould be any chance to gain few more HP’s? If so, what’s the options and how much would that cost? Thank you

  2. Hi I have a 2011 318i e90, I know it can be pointless remapping nasp engines but is there any service you provide that could increase acceleration?

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